Me, in all my not-glory!


This site was created as an avenue for me to learn HTML5, CSS, responsive page design and the other trappings of today's internet, and also to serve as a creative outlet when the mood strikes. Ultimately, I hope to build out a few apps and games and add them to the site.

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We all know the old adage about the best laid plans, but that's the goal... everyone needs a goal :)

A little history

I've always been a fan of open-source software and the copy-left movement. When I decided to try and learn some new things, after a few false starts I found myself leaning more toward the web and Linux. The web itself makes arguably the greatest presentation platform in the history of man, while Linux has been a continuing passion for decades, and there's not really a platform better for learning about computers and coding.

I have no pretensions of being or ever becoming a great programmer, to me this is simply a way to try and keep the old noggin' comfortable with learning new things. Currently that means trying to put into practice what I'm learning with "Think Python, 2nd Edition" and a few other books.

Contact Info

I can be reached via email and I am on Telegram Messenger as "electragician".